1. Outlaws EP [DANK031]
    The Widdler & Otz

  2. Life EP [DANK030]
    Abstrakt Sonance

  3. 420 Free EP (2017)

  4. Groundless EP [DANK029]

  5. Midnight Wax [DANK028]
    Pushloop ft. The Widdler & Caidance

  6. Ivan's Sound EP [DANK027]
    sMILOdon ft. ENiGMA Dubz & Roommate

  7. Clouds EP
    Metal Work & Loww-Fi

  8. 420 Free EP (2016)

  9. Roots EP
    The Widdler & Akcept

  10. Higher Consciousness EP

  11. Tears
    iFa ft. SNKLS

  12. A View of Me LP
    Legend4ry ft. The Widdler & Deep Fellows

  13. Synthetic Dreams EP [DANK021]
    K Man, Von D, Bisweed, & Subtle Mind

  14. Soundsystem LP [DANK020]
    Dubamine ft. ENiGMA Dubz & The Widdler

  15. Lost In Space Pt. 2 / Acheri / Harrington 1200 [DANKFREE006]
    The Widdler

  16. Booty Dreamz LP [DANKFREE005]
    James P

  17. Summer In Dub EP [DANK019]

  18. AM PM EP [DANK018]
    The Widdler & Controlled Kaos

  19. Elision EP [DANK017]
    Demure & Oxidia

  20. Good Day EP [DANK016]

  21. Beauty In Errors EP [DANK015]
    Synthetic Epiphany & CoMa

  22. Lifted LP [DANK014]
    Sine Here

  23. Revelation EP [DANK013]
    Controlled Kaos

  24. Easy EP [DANK012]
    ENiGMA Dubz & Sub Antix

  25. Mt. Zion EP [DANK011]

  26. Luminescence EP [DANK010]

  27. Future Music [DANK009]

  28. Metallic Vibez EP [DANK008]
    Hijinkx, Requake, & Hizzleguy

  29. Riddim EP (ENiGMA Dubz, Aftee, & P-Note Remixes) [DANK007]

  30. Timelapse [DANK006]
    Various Artists

  31. Badness (Retro, Legend4ry, & sMILOdon Remixes) [DANK005]
    ENiGMA Dubz

  32. Ragga Man Remix / Badness Remix / Let's Go [DANK004]
    ENiGMA Dubz & Sub Antix

  33. Hunger / Go Back ft. Cali / Summer Feet [DANK003]

  34. Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz (VIP) [DANK002]

  35. Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz Free Compilation [DANK001]


Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz

Based in the US and run by DJ Sashwat, Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz has always helped emerging and established producers further their sound to the masses. With an extremely original-sounding catalog that focuses on a unique blend of bass-heavy sub-genres, Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz is a label that every bass lover should keep an eye on in the long-term future. ... more

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